new blog title?

so in light some recent posts i’ve been thinking about changing the title of my blog.

although as you know the “domain name” of this site is, the current “title” is: random thoughts about faith, life, and stuff . . .

i’ve got several ideas in my head and would like to take a quick poll to see what my readers would find the most appropriate.

stirring up a hornets nest just for the fun of it!
politics, religion, and sex (the topics you’re not supposed to talk about)
strong opinions to strangers from the comfort of my keyboard
sounding important with only ten readers a day
playing the devil’s advocate just to get you thinking
speak your mind, because i don’t have a problem telling you mine 🙂

so what do you think? honestly, i thought of #1 first. but i think the others would apply too and it was fun to think of them. let me know which is your favorite, or if i should keep it as it is, or if you have another suggestion for me. what thoughts/feelings does this blog invoke in you when you come to read it?

// today i’m thankful for:
1. differing opinions
2. satire
3. alarm clocks
4. the time with deb between when the girls go to bed and when we do
5. after-school naps

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