deb chimes in on the cost of kids

i asked deb her thoughts on my post about the cost of kids and she had two very interesting points. (but she said she didn’t want to take the time to type them out – so hopefully it’s okay if i do it for her)

she said that we don’t feel that kids cost too much since we’ve come in to our marriage and family knowing that kids ARE going to cost money. we’ve made our family a priority in our lives and we put our “money where our heart is”. it’s only if we were to have other priorities on where to spend our money that we would be thinking that kids cost too much because every dollar we spent on the kids would be money taken away from spending on new clothes for ourselves, or that mediterranean cruise, or that new car, or other new “toys”, or other entertainment.

the other thing she said was, “kids don’t really cost that much, they’re not expensive at all. do you wanna know who’s really expensive? WIVES! now wives are really expensive.”

that’s my babe. 🙂

PS. please keep me in prayer. i’ve been asked to “do” a funeral tomorrow for a family that goes to our church. the “husband’s” father passed away this past week. i didn’t know him but from what i’ve been told he was an unbeliever. this will be my first funeral and to top it off i’ll be needing to do it in both english and spanish. (my spanish is adequate to speak conversationally one on one, but i don’t feel as confident about it to speak eloquently in front of others)

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