super tuesday came and went

well super tuesday really was exciting (for those who are into politics at least). you can go to any of the major news networks websites to find results.

the most exciting part for me was how well mike huckabee did tonight. many in the news media had dismissed his win of the iowa caucuses as a fluke; and simply a footnote of history. but he won the states of alabama, georgia, arkansas, tennessee, and west virginia. he also came in a very close second place in missouri. and all of this with the media of the past week claiming this was a two man race between mccain and romney. AND with just a fraction of the budget of either of those campaigns.

granted he’s still behind in the delegate count, but there’s still a lot of states left to go. i personally identify with him because he was a pastor before becoming the governor of arkansas (the pastor part, i don’t plan on being the governor of arkansas) but i think the reason he’s captured my vote (and excitement) is that he has a message of true conservatism and the character to back it up. plus the guy has a real sense of humor. you can go to his website for yourself to learn more about him and how he stands on the issues.

but i particularly like his views on life, marriage, taxes/economy (dude, the guy wants to get rid of the IRS!), and energy independence.

okay, so now there’s no question on where i stand. 😉

but my main reason for writing this post is to let my washington readers realize that we have a chance this year to make our vote count. in previous years washington’s primary took place later in the year and after the major party’s candidates for the presidential nomination had been pretty much decided. this year our primary is on feb. 19th.

but what i didn’t know until just last week is that our state also holds caucuses in just 4 days from now on feb. 9th. and here’s the thing: half of the delegates from washington state are awarded by the caucuses and half by the primary vote. so if all you do is send in your ballot (washington state is 100% mail-in ballot voting) then you only have half the impact you could have in choosing your candidate for the state.

“oh my goodness,” you say, “how do i participate in the caucuses? where do i go?”

i’m so glad you asked. if you’d like to attend the republican caucuses you can visit the party’s state website for information. (democrats can go here) from there you can click on your county to find out information when and where. each county link has a different method of pointing you to where you need to go. but i found the “yakima county” link to be particularly confusing. it links you to a pdf file with a listing of locations. if your voter registration is in grandview then all of the grandview precincts’ caucuses will take place at sunnyside christian school. if you live in a larger city like yakima you’ll have to know your precinct #. no matter where in the state you live you can find out your precinct # at this website. although the information given at that site is based on information from oct. 26, 2007. so if things have changed since then or close to that day you may want to just check your ballot. as you can see in the picture to the right my precinct # is 306. i can then check on this pdf file to find out exactly where i should meet.

all washington state caucuses will take place this saturday, feb. 9th, 2008 @ 1 pm.

take part, go vote, be heard! (as long as you’ll be voting for mike huckabee. if not, stay home, it’s too much trouble, enjoy some tv.)

🙂 just kidding.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. a fun evening with our dinner guests
2. the carrot cake that they brought to share
3. a warm house
4. daughters who can read
5. a wife who loves me 🙂

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