the first day of school

the girls did have their first day of school yesterday and loved it. i guess there are times that a Carl’s Jr. Guacamole Bacon Burger Combo meal does sound really good. hopefully they don’t tire of greasy fast food too fast. 😉

they came home and told us all of the new things they did. but since they had both been in public school before they already new “the ropes” so to speak.

anna has Mr. Valnes for 1st grade. i’m glad she was able to get into Mr. Valnes’s class. he attended the church we went to when we were growing up. and although i never had him as a school teacher since he taught in grandview and i went to school in prosser; he was my sunday school teacher, Bible quiz coach, and joined us on many youth trips growing up. i liked and respected him a lot.

danielle has Mrs. Madson for Kindergarden. (i don’t know her) they both had friends that they knew from school before or from church and i was encouraged to find out that they played with each other during recesses as well.

i picked them up after school and we were happily treated to some “after school” snacks that julia and deb had made for us. (cookies!!) after their snacks they were eager to do their homework in their red folders.

all in in all it was a great day and we’re looking forward to many more.

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