new page for the gallery

i’ve created a new page for the web gallery. you can get to it from the link at the top of the page or by clicking on the “recent items” photos on the right side of the home page. before the links to the gallery would open a new window or tab. now it simply takes you to another page within site.

i’ve heard that users have experience problems using some browsers. (internet explorer in particular). if that’s the case try using a different browser like Safari or Firefox. although i have heard that it seems to “hang” up on load up for some users of firefox. but that it if you simply click inside the window it loads up.

let me know if you encounter any problems of if it looks just fine with your browser/computer setup.

if all else fails you can go back and use the external gallery site again.

i guess the “presidential” ramblings weren’t interesting to anyone else but me. i even found out later that the “friend” commenter was deb. and she was just leaving a comment to humor me.

oh and my sister says that mark didn’t cringe. but that was mostly because he was too busy playing the wii when she was telling him about my post.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. being done with the church website redesign
2. getting the heater in our van working
3. not having credit card to buy one of these
4. sunny days in winter
5. a clean house

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