Pre-Twin Family Portraits (updated)

update: added link to more of the pics

blatantly stealing and idea from our good friend in minnesota to hang up a bed sheet for family pics we decided to take some pictures yesterday.

in the gallery you can see the “top 7” out of 553!! that’s what happens with digital cameras that you don’t have to pay for film. and the fact that my camera has a “drive mode” in which you just hold the button down and it takes a picture every 1/2 second or so. (i’ll probably post some of the other “out takes” or some of the more goofy pics in a future post)

and that’s the way i caught the picture shown here. the sheet is draping over our entertainment center and then also tacked up on the wall. i had put that green clay pot (full of thumb tacks) on the top center to hold the sheet up. but as the girls walked behind the chairs they stepped on the sheet which brought the clay pot smashing down on danielle’s head. you can see a little movie clip of the pics right before and after the crash on the right.

all in all it was well over due. the last time we gathered around to take family pics was last may and rachel couldn’t even sit up on her own and now she’s walking! so deb thought it’d be a good idea to take some pics of her in this stage.

you can view a couple more of the pics on the “who i am” page.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. “drive mode” digital cameras
2. all my princesses
3. having monday off
4. being in my thirties
5. looking like i’m in my twenties 🙂

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