ask abe – presidential edition

ok, so i’ve found myself being MUCH more interested in the presidential process this time around than i ever have before.

i watched a couple of the debate clips, i read “the note”, i visited most of the major candidates websites, i watch news and news websites for primary election results and commentary.

in previous years, (this is going to make mark cringe) i used wait until voting day to just read the “voter’s pamphlet” that came in the mail or newspaper to decide about the issues or candidates. or worse i’d just base my opinions on what “the commercials” said.

maybe it’s the fact that i knew mark, my new brother in law, would be coming the week before the iowa caucuses. and he’s very politically active, so i thought it’d be good for me to at least half way know what i’m talking about.

but i still don’t know too much about any candidate really. doing a google search for “compare candidates” brings up plenty of sites that’ll do just that. i think i’ll take the time to review those sites later today. it’s interesting even visiting some of those sites because depending on who is publishing them gives you an indication of which way the site itself is leaning.

such as on the issue of abortion a “left” leaning site will show a candidate as “Pro-Choice” or “Anti-Choice”. where as a “right” leaning site will show those same candidates as “Anti-Life” and “Pro-Life”.

so i know it’s a can of worms, but i’m willing to open it up. who are you supporting this time around? are you caught up in the election? are you really for a particular candidate? or are you trying to put it off since it’s not for another 287 days? or are you interested but have you not made up your mind yet? what issues are most important to you this election season? are there any issues that “litmus test” issues for you when choosing a candidate?

oh and btw, i’m not supporting Obama or Hillary. i just thought it was a great picture.

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