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it’s kinda bittersweet working at a school. the sweet part being that i get all these “breaks” (thanksgiving break, christmas break, spring break, summer break). the bitter part being that once the break is over and you’ve really gotten used to being on break; you gotta go back to work.

so i’m back at work now. the good news being that now i have time to blog again. during the break i had lots of time, but not enough that i wanted to pull away from “family” time to blog. anyways, i’ll try to recap how the last 2 weeks have been.

we started out finishing up our last minute Christmas “things”. mainly that was getting the girl’s princess room all decorated and ready. (thanks mag for having the girls over for “jeremiah’s birthday”)

then Christmas eve at my in-laws, and then a delicious roast at my sister’s house Christmas day. as a side note my favorite Christmas present of the season was getting all new bathroom decor from my sister-in-law. i’ve also enjoyed my “in-ear” earbuds, and the “running sweats” i got with a gift card i got from my sister. and although i haven’t used it as much yet i really appreciate the capo that deb got for me.

the days following Christmas were pretty laid back, until saturday. saturday and sunday we were getting ready for a new format “family service” that we were going to have sunday evening (12/30). the service overall was a lot of fun,

then on monday my sister and brother-in-law flew in from minnesota. so we had “Christmas part 2”. and then we took advantage of the babysitters at our house and took off for our anniversary; which was the 2nd. we hopped on to a few days before and booked a great room at a great price for the night of the 1st in the tri-cities (1/2 hour from where we live). and then we used a gift certificate that we had received from our church to a bed and breakfast for the night of the 2nd in sunnyside (10 min from our house).

when we got up the next morning my sister sent me an iChat to say that rachel was sick with a fever. so we told her we’d be home before noon. well as it turns out when we went to be served breakfast the owner of the inn told us that they had given their housekeeper a few days off and if we wanted to stay a second night for free we could. it was a great offer but we couldn’t see ourselves staying away yet another night from our kids especially since the youngest was sick.

but then i asked if it would be okay if we brought our kids, and they said it would be perfectly fine. so we didn’t tell our kids till later that evening after a farewell dinner for my sister and brother-in-law (they would be heading back to MN the next day). we loaded them up in the van and headed for the bed and breakfast. the girls were SO excited to get to spend the night in such a big room with such a big tub (jacuzzi no less) and such a big TV and such a big soft bed.

so then we finally came back home friday in time to say goodbye to my sister. and then we had a few days to recover from our vacation before school started back up.

oh and i got to exercise (walk/run) quite a bit during my vacation. and i’m almost half way through Leviticus in my Bible “listening”. and i added a permanent link to the free audio bible on the right hand of the main page.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. knowing what’s going on in the elections
2. new snow today
3. my dad’s boots
4. little girls in pajamas
5. deb’s scheduled ultrasound today! (we’re not sure if we’ll find out what they are or not, and/or if we’ll tell people the gender if we do find out) 🙂

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