the perfect Christmas Eve

i didn’t get a chance to write last night, but i wanted to mention that yesterday couldn’t have been a more perfect day.  

the day before (christmas “adam” –  because adam comes before eve) i had a good nap after church and so i wasn’t very sleepy that night.  anyways, i slept in on Christmas eve until 8.30 am. (all of our girls were spending the night at their aunt maggie’s house)  then i finally got up and went running/walking.  and i also carried elia’s package home from the post office.  i also got a good start on listening to the Bible through the year – the first 11 chapters of genesis.

then deb and i had a “take your time” morning of getting ready.  and then a quick brunch or so around 10am.  i then worked on cathy’s “fake id” while deb finished wrapping our mountain of gifts.  and then around noon we finally got around to redecorating the girl’s room.  anyways it was just a perfect day because deb and i spent the whole day together.  we were working on the same project but not always necessarily directly together.  but just being in proximity to each other was wonderful.  i loved it!

we then got our kids and took off to yakima around 4.30 pm to be with deb’s parents for the evening.  we met them at their church for a Christmas eve service.  they had a short “kids drama” which was so cute.  the cutest part being when the little girl playing mary (about 5) said her line, “but how can this be because i’m not even married!”  everyone laughed.

after the service we went to my in-law’s for dinner and the girls got to open their one christmas eve present. (every year their grandma gets them new pajamas for christmas eve) and after putting them to bed deb and i went to rhonda’s apt to watch a movie, “the man who knew too little.”

anyways, the perfect day.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. time off from school
2. the bible on audio
3. perfect days with deb
4. family close by
5. cute christmas plays

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