social networking – i just don’t get it

so usually i consider myself pretty “hip” to new things online or tech wise. but this whole “social networking” thing for some reason is just going right over my head.

but that hasn’t stopped me from trying understand or “get into” it.

i suppose this blog is a form of social networking since it allows for comments and a little interaction. this form i can understand.

it’s the “other” kind that i don’t get: myspace, facebook, twitter, and on and on.

as you can tell from the links above, i have both a myspace and a facebook profile. but i just don’t “get” the point of those sites. now i kinda understand the basic concept of adding friends and then finding out who you’re friends’ friends are. but then you end up with people over 50, 100, or even 300+ “friends”. seriously, does anyone really have over 100 friends? that you keep in contact with frequently. i mean sure you may know those people, or have met them at sometime in your life. but can you really call them your friends??

and all this “commenting/writing on walls” and “messaging” and “posting of bulletins”, what’s that all about?? i mean at least here, on a blog that is, when someone leaves a comment it’s concerning the post that the comment was left on. on myspace or facebook, it seems to be just random hellos and how-are-yous and they’re from various people each saying they’re own things so they aren’t related at all.

and how is “messaging” any different from just writing the person an email?? and the posting of bulletins is the same as sending out a group email. and on my computer i can group contacts together as one label such “family” and then in my email program just type “family” in the “to:” field and it will automatically fill in all of those email addresses. and most of the time on myspace when i get a bulletin it’s mostly the cute stories, chain letters, or junkmail that are normally forwarded to me via email and that i ALWAYS delete, hardly ever reply to (except to say “stop sending me this junk”), or are already sent to the trash via my spam filter.

oh and on facebook, what’s all that “SuperPoke” foolishness about. seems kinda childish to me. if someone really wanted to throw a plate of mashed potatoes at me, then go ahead and do it in person. at least that would be more memorable. or go ahead a send me a “chocolate milk” i like them their delicious. but via facebook, it just seems i don’t know – stupid pointless.

and then there’s Twitter. this one i “get” even less than the other two mentioned above. in fact i don’t understand it so much that i haven’t even signed up for an account. for those of you who haven’t heard of twitter it’s a service in which people write “tweets” or thoughts/ideas/sentences in 140 characters or less. and then other people are supposed to “follow” a persons “twitter”. what can you say in 140 characters?

and people post hundreds of these a day! telling everything from what they are doing “right now” to what they are eating, how a diet is going, how they feel about some show/movie, and anything else. i know that you can upload “tweets” via your cell phone with and SMS. but i haven’t gotten into that much either. perhaps if i got in to “texting” via my cell phone it might make more sense to start “tweet”ing.

well there’s my rant on social networking. what are your thoughts? do you get it? help me understand all of this? maybe i’ll like it if i can understand it better? maybe?

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