end of year reflections pt. 2

well before any more time goes by, or pointless ramblings fill my head, and i forget what the rest of my thoughts were, i’ll continue my “reflections” from the other day.

i think what struck me the most was the fact that where/when we are right now is not always where/when we’ll be. let me dissect that last sentence a bit.

as much as we (deb and i and kids) love our home, our job, our friends, etc. we most likely won’t be in grandview the rest of our lives. at least i don’t see us growing “old” and dying here. at some point we’ll have to move. yes, as daunting as that seems when i walk though our house and realize that someday it will all have to be lugged into the back of a u-haul and taken to wherever the next season of our lives is.

and even if we do stay in grandview longer than whenever we get out of debt, it’ll be a new season for us. i fee like we entered a new season last january when we transitioned from youth pastors to associate pastors (with small groups and media ministries in my portfolio). i kinda feel like home-wise having twins will be a whole new season for the Lara family. and only God knows what “seasons” he has in store for us next.

about a year ago one of my friends from college had to leave his church because his senior pastor either resigned or moved on to another church. it isn’t the case in all churches but in his church it was written into the constitution and bylaws that when the senior pastor leaves all other pastors must also resign so that the next pastor can bring in his own support staff or rehire the ones there before if he so chooses.

this also got me to thinking about what we would do if our senior pastor ever moved somewhere (for whatever reason). does our church constitution and bylaws have such a “clause”? no, i just checked. but that doesn’t negate the fact that if another person were hired it might be awkward at best and downright terrible at worst if we didn’t see “eye to eye” at first. and then it crossed my mind, would i want to be considered to become the next lead pastor at grandview assembly? would they vote me in if i did?

new season of life. i think out of all of this that it gave me even more of a resolve to 1.) make sure that i stay seeking God’s will for our plans everyday, and 2.) make sure that whenever or wherever our next move will be that it’s a good transition. deb and i went through a transition that was “less” than ideal already, and it’s not something we want to go through again any time soon ever.

so we all have choices to make that will shape our future, and we all must put our trust in God who opens opportunities and closes others. it’s a delicate balance. we aren’t simply controlled by “fate”. we aren’t powerless to change our circumstances or improve our situation in life. nor are we alone the makers of our own destiny. there are people, circumstances, and nature that can turn our worlds upside down in an instant.

so those are my thoughts out loud. anybody have any thoughts or nuggets of wisdom for me? or anybody want to share their own thoughts about “changing seasons” in their lives?

// today i’m thankful for:
1. that by the time i put my head on my pillow the Christmas program will be over.
2. only two more days of work until Christmas vacation!!
3. times of singing loudly at church late at night in the dark
4. giving gifts
5. my family being warm at night

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