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i’d like to continue my ramblings today for two reasons: 1) after talking to deb about my post last night i thought of more things on the topic to say. 2) for some reason i think that blog posts should have a word count of about 500-600-ish.

now i don’t usually do a word count on my posts because you can kinda tell by the length. and 500-600, to me anyway, seems like the extent of how much people are interested in reading on a casual basis. like i said, for me, if i come to to a blog and see a super long post i have to make a decision about whether i care about this person enough to a) take the time to read this right now, b) make a mental note to read this post later, or c) i don’t care that much this is too much for me to read.

and so i like to keep my posts in the 500-600-ish or less word count. now maybe i’m the only one that feels this way. or maybe your word count threshold is much more or less, but those are just my perceptions.

so like i said i had more to say about yesterday’s ramblings, but i’ve already used up about half of my word count for this post so i’ll have to just write another one entirely in order to say what i wanted to say. and now i’m just rambling about word counts in blog posts in order to increase the word count of this blog post! 🙂

oh and i don’t usually count the “today i’m thankful for” in the word count for the post. so the words below don’t count. 😉

word count: 294

// today i’m thankful for:
1. deb getting mark and elia’s gift box out in the mail today
2. having fun writing
3. little girls with pig tails
4. pizza hut for dinner
5. being 31 and not looking like it 🙂

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