snow came and went; the food went and came

well the snow has come and gone. and unfortunately for some it melted away too quickly along with some ill timed storms. but in the midst of all of this there is at least some good news. i don’t know how the rest of the churches in the area fared but i’ve visited this one before and am glad to hear it was spared from any flood damage.

the girls had fun in the snow (see the pictures to the right) but now it’s all gone. in fact it’s a very beautiful day in eastern washington. bright and sunny. in fact from the warmth of my home looking outside, it almost looks like a spring day. and earlier this week the high was near 60!! the temperature is back down to “semi-december” temps at a cool 36 for the high today.

for those who don’t know, we get food assistance from the state. and the amount we get in food stance is substantial enough that we’ve grown to rely on it; such that when we budget our income for the month we don’t factor in that much for buying groceries. (make your own judgements about us if you’d like, but this is our current situation nonetheless)

well, we were up for a “review” of our income this past november. we turned in all the needed paperwork on time. but due to the thanksgiving holiday and then a mix up in how they read our church income our benefits got delayed. the funds are normally applied to our card on the first (does anyone else remember the old “paper” food stamps? i remember my dad giving some to me as a teenager to go to the store to get milk or something else). well the first was a saturday so we thought we could get it all straightened out by monday.

we didn’t.

deb called them and they told us they were behind on the paperwork. and finally yesterday. YES, friday 12/7, we got our grocery funds. it was a joyous day.

so what did we eat for a week?? well you know all that stuff you keep in your freezer for so long, that you forgot it was back there? we ate that. and a lot of cereal and top ramen. oh and we used up our budgeted “eating out” money.

here’s the thing “technically” we had real money to go out and buy food. but we had it budgeted elsewhere (a good chunk of it toward our new vehicle fund). we did go to the store and get a few things to get us through the week. but we didn’t want to go out and spend a couple hundred dollars on a “big” grocery shopping trip if possibly the “next day” we were going to get our FS (food stamps) funds. so we didn’t really tell anyone that we were running low on food, because we just thought it would be weird to be asking for food when we “technically” had the funds to buy the food (and that’s not including our emergency fund).

well that’s been our week. we’d wake up every morning, call DSHS and see if any funds had been applied, feel disappointed/discouraged when they hadn’t, and then just realize that we would have to put our trust in God again for our “daily bread” again.

it’s been a good reminder to me that we should be doing that all along. (the putting out trust in God part). anyways, as most crises are, it’s very funny in retrospect.

// today i’m thankful for/that:
1. we’ve got a full refrigerator
2. God takes care of all our needs
3. friends to play yahtzee with
4. after-school paycheck
5. being a fairly good typer

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