my life with 5 girls

i’m pretty sure that most of my readers know that i have 4 daughters. so including my wife, the estrogen out numbers the testosterone 5-1 at my house.

i don’t really remember where i first heard/read the joke, but it’s become my standard response when people ask if we’re going to “try again” for a boy or wish that we’d had a boy. my answer, “i guess God figured i was “MAN” enough for the whole family.”

so do i wish we had boy? or is our family still growing because we’re still trying for a boy? i can’t say that i wish one of our girls was a boy. i love each and every one of our girls. and no we aren’t “still trying” for a boy, we’ve wanted to have a big family since we first got married. our “minimum” has always been 5. God has just surprised us with getting 5 & 6 at the same time. but i would say that i would be thrilled to have a little guy(s) in our family.

so what is life like with 5 girls? well as could be expected it always seems that “someone” is feeling emotional (i’m starting to brace myself mentally for when they’re all teenagers and going through puberty. and we’ve only got one bathroom in our current house! start praying for me). our house has toy dolls and doll clothes EVERYWHERE. and we could probably do a laundry load of just pink clothes! there are high pitched squeals and whining. they change their minds about what they want constantly (after-all “it’s a woman’s prerogative”). there’s crafts and papers left in my “space” constantly. and unless i leave the house i can’t ever be . . . alone.

but in addition to all that: there are lots of kisses and smiles. i get lots of hugs. my ladies “take care” of their “man”. i’m treated like a king when i come home. i get a “father-daughter” dance (x4 now) every valentines day. they look SOOOO cute in their matching dresses. i get to claim the biggest pieces of dessert. i get to catch any “vermin” in the house (mice, spiders, bugs). there’s plenty of “cooks” for dad. i love knowing that they look to me for protection. it’s fun to be on the bottom of the pile in a wrestling match. i’m the only one who can use the restroom standing up. they let me live there. 🙂 and . . . i’m never alone. 😉

i love all my girls. and i’ll love our next two kids. not “even” if they are two girls, but “especially” if they’re two more girls.

// today i’m thankful for/that:
1. God takes care of all our needs
2. rubik’s cubes
3. knowing how to solve them
4. i’ve already ordered deb’s Christmas present
5. by God’s grace, somehow we’ll be getting a new vehicle next year

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