tech questions anyone?

it’s been a while since i’ve offered my tech wisdom to the world! 🙂

i was recently asked by some friends about which model mac would be right for their family.
we are considering buying a Mac.  it would be something we would let the kids use to play games, but also something we would use for making movies, our pictures (etc)  we don’t want to spend a ton, and we think we would want a desktop (as opposed to laptop) .  as a Mac user, what would you recommend?

as with any tech purchase the answer really depends on what you plan to do with or use the device for. for this particular family i suggested the iMac. since it has a little better processing power and graphics card for the “making movies” part.

got any other tech questions? leave them in the comments or email me at: abelara [at] *

and yes the [at] should be an @ symbol without the space on either side. i write it as i do above to reduce “spam robots” from automatically harvesting my email address for spam. my spam filters (at gmail and in my program) do a good job of sifting it out, but why make them work harder than they need to. oh and now asterisk at the end of the email address.

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