Christmas music

well it’s not like we went far away or anything for thanksgiving (we just went to yakima, 45 min. away). so i can’t use that as my excuse for not having written in a while.

in any case, i’m back to work and ready for some more writing.

it’s that time of the year again when radio stations start playing Christmas music again. when i was in college this REALLY bugged me for some reason. probably because it was close to the end of the semester and term papers and finals test were taking up a lot of my attention. so i could not enjoy the Christmas season till just a week or two before Christmas. so i certainly did not want Christmas music playing trying to get me in the mood when i was not.

now though i love hearing Christmas music starting on Thanksgiving day. in fact i remember last year i started playing my Christmas playlist on my iPod even before Thanksgiving.

so it came as somewhat of a surprise last year when we invited some friends over to join us for Thanksgiving and they objected to having Christmas music on Thanksgiving day. they felt that Thanksgiving should not be “hijacked” by Christmas music; thus making us think of Christmas and not Thanksgiving.

well, i didn’t have a “Thanksgiving” playlist. i’m not even really aware of that many “Thanksgiving” songs. i’m sure many of you could probably enlighten me in the comments.

anyways, the Christmas season is upon us. i saw people putting up lights on their houses this past weekend. there were definitely people shopping in the malls. church Christmas programs are having practices more earnestly now. Advent calendars are being sold. angel tree gifts need to be bought. eggnog lattes are now being served at starbucks. we’ll probably be putting up our Christmas tree tonight. and Christmas music is being played on the radio.

so whether you love it or hate it; it’s here. may you all have a very merry Christmas!

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