AAT “ ask abe tuesday” (thanksgiving edition)

it’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a week since i’ve written anything here. (although i did write here) i enjoyed the last “ask abe tuesday” a couple weeks ago and got some great questions. i totally forgot about AAT yesterday until deborah mentioned tuesday afternoon if i had gotten any questions yet.

and i didn’t feel like writing the post that afternoon. i don’t really feel right about calling it an “ask abe tuesday” if most of the day has passed before anyone realizes they could have asked a question.

so i was going to make it an “AAT” (wednesday edition); but now here i am at 7.00 pm and barely starting to write. on top of the fact that i’m at my mother-in-law’s house and there isn’t any internet access here. so i’ll have to wait till i go somewhere tonight at midnight* to get online to post this.

so it’s an AAT (thanksgiving edition) 🙂

in other news the girls have been doing quite a bit of their online school work in the last few days. danielle because she had to finish her math course by the 20th in order to complete her monthly requirements (or log 100 hours of online and offline work – and mom and dad haven’t been very good at keeping track of the hours). and anna because we finally finished her book review and vocabulary page that goes along with her science course that she finished a few weeks ago. so she was finally reassigned a new course.

danielle’s at a stage where she’s finished all of the “online” courses that Achieve Online has to offer for kindergarten so now the rest of here schooling is “offline”. meaning she has to do a course on Spelling, PE, Music/Art, Handwriting, and 3 Electives. but it’s up to us (the parents) to log 45 hours worth of work in each of those categories. i’m not really sure how that’s all going to work out. anna still has 3 more “online” courses till she has to do the “offline” work. but i think we may have her finish her current course of 2nd grade Language Arts and then do some of her “offline” work along with danielle. then have her do some more “online” work.

i hope all is well with you this Thanksgiving. may God bless you and may you have a thanks-filled Thanksgiving.

i got an email from amazon.com on sunday night asking users to vote on 3 items in 6 categories for the item they’d most like to get a good deal on. the item in each category with the most votes will actually be offered “in limited quantity” to select voters of that category. the first category was of the 3 main gaming consoles. Wii, PS3, Xbox 360. i forget what the “special” deals were on the other 2 items but the Wii was being offered for $79 (normally $250, if you can find a place with stock available). at the time i voted the wii was the highest vote getter with 57% of the vote. so at midnight tonight i can log in and find out if i’m one of the ones selected to actually purchase the Wii for $79 (only 1000 were available) oh, and yes, i’ve been wanting a wii, but didn’t really want to pay $249 for one.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. Thanksgiving vacation
2. not having to travel in snow
3. Black Friday deals
4. living in “community” with others
5. holiday traditions

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