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it’s friday everyone! i hope your weekend is starting off great. and whether it is or not i’ve got some fun links to stuff i’ve found around the internet to brighten your day.

William Tell’s Overture (mommy version)
i first saw this a couple weeks ago on “sarahsdandelions” but since then have heard this song on the radio. it’s the average mother’s day sung to the tune of william tell’s overture. get ready to laugh!

Scared Song (get over it)
if you’ve never visited ze frank’s site you owe it to yourself to waste some time there with the funny stuff he creates or links to. this particular song has been stuck in my head since i first saw it last week. i’d change one of the lines though to say “at least God gave me life”. you’ll know which one i mean when you view it.

Jib-Jab (Staring You)
this site has been around for a while, and some videos made the site pretty famous. but this year they started Jib-Jab (staring you). here’s a video that i made of danielle and i doing la cucaracha. enjoy and share a video of your own. see below.

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