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  1. i love coming and watching you. it’s fun to hear your quirky life happenings. and you’re just so darn cute too!

  2. Deb – you’re so funny! I like watching your videos.

    If you get a chance, can you email me Abe’s mom’s recipe for enchiladas, please? I’m always up for trying new dishes (& I LOVE Mexican foods – home cooked or restaurant style) – gma1918 at hotmail dot com.

    Have you been to There are a TON of recipes (& people rate them, give suggestions on how they made it, etc.). I made pork chops & turkey for the first time using recipes from here.

    Give your family my love!

  3. I love your mexican rice. I use the recipe you gave me while you all were here all the time! My family chows it down. Yum Yum. Love ya all!

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