you have how many kids?

deb’s going on a trip this weekend starting today for children’s ministry leaders. so for most of the weekend i’ll be with the girls.

right now i’m actually at parent teacher conferences and my mom will watch them until i get off at 8pm.*

so . . . during conferences i met a mother that is pregnant with her 11th child! yes, that’s right ELEVEN. anyways it made me think our soon to be family of six to be kinda puny.

you don’t see many families over three now days. and we’ve gotten quite a reaction just in telling people we now have four daughters and soon to be six kids.

so far most reactions have been of just amazement and astonishment. they’re not really sure what to say. but i get the general sense of “WOW, six kids. you’re gonna be busy. glad it won’t be me.” and until i found this site i wasn’t sure what to say either.

and to that i say. Oh Yeah! our family is gonna be better because of our size. but i wouldn’t say i think a big family alone guarantees a good family life. there are some people that have no business having kids. seriously! but in our case, i know we are doing a great job with our kids. i know that we are parenting intentionally and i have no doubt that we’re going to have a wonderful life.

are we done after the twins? well, we’re getting to the point where we think “six is enough.” but neither i nor deb are really ready to do anything permanent to ensure that the twins are the last ones.

there’s a part of me that would kinda like to “get on” with our lives. stop having diapers in the house. let the kids grow up and generally just have life start getting a little easier. (trust us, just to have everyone in the house potty trained would make life SOOO much easier)

but then there’s another part of me hears stories of large families that are wonderful and everyone loves each other. and then to think back to my own childhood Christmases (sp?) when we would be with my dad’s other children as well. (5 more older than me; so 8 total) and just how much LIFE and LOVE there was around the dinner table. and the FUN of unwrapping the MOUNTAIN of gifts.

so i’m looking forward to the day when i’m “grandpa abe” and there’s 10-30 grandchildren running around the house on thanksgiving and christmas.

so yes, we have a large family and we love it. after-all once you get to 6 kids you figure “what’s one more; right?”

it’s just more LIFE, LOVE, and FUN!

// today i’m thankful for:
1. deb’s healthy again
2. new leopard os x
3. my mom watching the kids and cleaning house
4. antibiotics
having a large family (yes, they’re all ours)

* i actually started this post at school around 3pm, but didn’t get a chance to finish it till this evening.

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