ask abe tuesday 11.6.07

well it’s time for another round of questions (hopefully more than one this time)

for those new to the blog, every other week or so will be an “open mic tuesday” of sorts where readers can ask me any question that has been on their mind.

anything from my personal life, family, church, politics, relationship advice, tech questions, unanswered questions lingering from previous posts, or just any random question.

leave your question in the comments field or email them to me. i’ll try to answer them all either in the comments here. or in a new post entirely (depending on how much i have to say).


on a somewhat related note . . . while looking at my page load stats i noticed that some of you check the site several times a day looking for new posts. first of all you can get some help from rss to know when a new post has been made by clicking on the “subscribe” rss link in the box at the top of the main page. (you can check the techSTUFF blog for more info on RSS feeds. you do read the techSTUFF blog, right?)

or the other thing i thought i might add is when i “usually” do the writing for or rather update this blog. i’m usually at school all day during the week. i do have time to write while there. but i don’t always have the opportunity to upload what i’ve written until i get home in the afternoon. i used to get home around 2.30 pm (pacific time) but now with the new job i’m more likely to get home around 4.45 pm.

so that’s why you may have noticed i have posts that say i wrote them in the morning or afternoon but you didn’t see them online until the late afternoon or evening. because i keep the times that i write correct, although i don’t upload till later. today just happens to be one of those rare occasions that i woke up early enough to write something before work. so the best time to check for something new is in the evening. or if you check in the morning you’ll likely be reading yesterday’s post.

then again you all may just be coming back to see who’s left comments. so leave them comments! 🙂

i wanted to write the “ask abe tuesday” post while it was still tuesday when most of you would read this. and i’ll try to answer any questions that are posted later this evening too. 🙂

// today i’m thankful for:
1. hot showers
2. enough milk for a bowl of cereal
3. new boots
4. dinner being made for us today (since deb’s sick) (thanks lynda)
5. my kids knowing what “grace” is (go ahead ask how they know)

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