new job

i’ll ease any alarm up front, we’re not moving and i didn’t get fired from either of my current jobs.

no instead i’m starting as an assistant teacher for the after school program at the middle school. it’s just 2 hours after school 4 days a week. actually for the beginning of the year it’s only 2 days a week and then in the spring 4 days.

it should be fun and great for extra money for that new vehicle. anyways, i just thought everyone would like an update of life at the lara house.

as an additional side note, it’s been great to see people’s reactions when we tell them we’re having twins, and then to see their face change even more when we tell them that those twins will be #5 & #6!!


// today i’m thankful for:
1. the end of daylight savings
2. sunny mornings
3. apologizing to anna
4. receiving her forgiveness
5. pizza last night

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