ask abe “tech” questions

here’s your chance to ask me any perplexing tech related questions you may have. i don’t necessarily claim to be a “know it all” when it comes to computer stuff. but i do know that i’m the “go to guy” for techy questions among my friends and family.

an example . . .

recently someone asked me:
so how come whenever i send an email attachment (like a document made on pages) the people can’t open it?

this particular person was asking about a file made with a Mac program, but the answer’s the same for all computer users. here’s my reply below.

it’s because you have to “export” the document into a filetype that [the other] user would use.

it’s like if someone sent you a Publisher file. you wouldn’t be able to open it because you don’t have the Publisher program. and in the same respect if you sent me a Pages document and i didn’t have Pages installed on my computer then i wouldn’t be able to open it.

so even if you export it as a Word format file and the other computer doesn’t have Word or some other program that will open Word documents then they won’t be able to open it.

so even though not all users have Office most will, but some things may not look perfectly like they do when you see them. but in PDF format or Quicktime movie they will look exactly as you see them.

hope this helps,

abe lara

so different programs are able to export to different file formats. and the way to do that in your particular program is different from other programs so i’ll refer you to the “help” menu of your particular program.

but the basic idea whether you’re sending a file to a user of a different operating system or just another user that may not have the same programs installed as yours then you’ll have to export or save the file into a format that’s friendly for all users.

PDFs are usually a safe bet for documents and Quicktime for movies..

well until next time, send in any more questions you have either via email or in the comments section below and i’ll do my best to answer them. 🙂

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