free tacos!!

just wanted to alert everyone to the fact that taco bell will be giving away free tacos tomorrow.

apparently due to some publicity stunt, taco bell promised a free taco to everyone in the USA if during this year’s world series someone stole a base. and thanks to boston red sox rookie Jacoby Ellsbury we all get free tacos!

so here’s the catch . . .
it’s only one per customer
only tomorrow (tuesday, oct. 30, 2007)
and only between 2pm-5pm local time
and only at participating locations
oh and only in the USA (technically only to legal US residents, but i doubt they’ll be checking ID)

so there you have it; if you enjoy not-even-close-to-authentic mexican cuisine as much as i do, head on down to your local taco bell tomorrow for a free taco.

now, why in the world would they be doing this? i’m not exactly sure, but i’d say:
it garnered a ton of free publicity
tuesday afternoons aren’t probably usually a “rush” time for them
especially before dinner time
most people won’t get full on only one taco and thus buy more menu items

so they get you to come in by offering you an $0.89 taco (which probably cost them $0.50 or less) and then you end up spending $3-5 per person. and they would have gotten the free publicity even if speedy Jacboy Ellsbury wouldn’t have actually stolen the base.

well that’s about all for ya right now. we went to the strength team again last night and i’ll post more videos of that when i get a chance.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. free tacos tomorrow
2. fall weather
3. hoodies
4. cheesy breadsticks from pizza hut
5. email

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