lazy saturday (updated)

update: fixed the links for “lazy sunday” to direct to the correct video.

today was one of those lazy saturdays that only comes around like 4 times a year. not to be confused with a lazy sunday.

a quick funny story about last night. we went out to dinner and then were on our way home. deb had “dynamic women” at church that night (a monthly get together for the ladies of the church) and so the girls were going to be with me for the evening. when we were about 1/2 a mile from home anna (our oldest) asks from the back of the van, “so what’s the plan for tonight?”

this was funny to us for two reasons. 1) because obviously we’ve told our kids the words, “so here’s the plan . . . “ and then expected our little soldiers to execute it. 🙂 and 2) because we just didn’t expect our daughter to be asking us for the plan. especially on a night when i wasn’t exactly sure what that plan was going to be!

it turns out that we went over to my brother-in-law’s house since he was also on “kid duty” because my sister was at the same event. we watched Meet the Robinsons. a cute little movie. neither we nor the cousins had watched it so it was fun to watch it together for the first time.

sooooo . . . back to today. today we had nothing planned and we knew it. now as mentioned in the story above. the laras always have a plan (or at least usually always). and the reason we do is because we’ve got FOUR kids, soon to be SIX!! and if we don’t have a plan, THEY will run amuck! and the house will look like it.

so last night before we fell asleep deb asked me, “so what’s the plan for tomorrow?”

“i’m gonna go get churros tomorrow morning.” i replied cheerfully.

“well that’s a good start,” deb agreed, “how about after that?”

hesitantly i replied, “i’m not really sure.”

so this morning after eating our churros i asked anna, “so anna, what’s the plan for today?”

she didn’t know but later came up to deb and i with a piece of paper with a schedule, “ok guys here’s what i have so far . . . at 12 o’clock we’re gonna have lunch.” 😉

// today i’m thankful for:
1. lazy saturdays
2. lazy sunday (still makes me laugh)
3. 4 days till november
4. wanting to write again
5. deb’s not sick anymore!

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