Leopard Day :-)

today the latest version of Mac OS X comes out. this version is 10.5 or otherwise known as Leopard.

there’s a number of new features that you could learn about by clicking the link above. and several reviews that you could read by going to any tech site. here’s a few:
CNET reviews Apple’s Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard: ‘Excellent’
Mossberg reviews Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard: ‘better and faster than Windows Vista’
New York Times’ Pogue reviews Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard: ‘Powerful and polished’
USA Today: With Leopard, Apple’s already superior Mac OS X widens lead over Microsoft’s Windows

in any case i’m unable to get it today.* but i did email my sister this morning and asked her to go to her nearest apple store (since my nearest apple store is 3 hours away) and stand in line at the 6pm launch to get me a free t-shirt. she texted me and let me know that she was 7th in line and she got the shirt! thanks elia!

anyways, if you don’t have one already this is the best time to get a mac!

* deb told me to wait until november, despite the fact that we have the money available now or in 5 days from now. something about learning patience and self control. i figured as long as she was saying i could buy it and i didn’t have to convince her it’s worth the wait!

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