what in the WORLD!

that phrase has been a favorite of our 3 year old, julia, lately. deb thinks she got it from her. but where ever she got it from it was very appropriate for everything we saw this evening.

we went to neighborhood church of sunnyside to watch the “strength team” do their thing.

a couple of the guys came to our school this morning for an assembly. here’s a couple of videos from the evening.

this first one is of a guy called “the train” attempting to break through two stacks of concrete with his upper arm.

as you can see he only made it through one stack.

this next one is of a guy breaking through two stacks of concrete with his forearms.

this next video is of a guy running through 2x4s.

in the midst of all this deb and my sister said i should record the girl’s reaction to what these guys were doing. so here’s my favorite clips. on this particular feat they were watching a guy break a stack of concrete with his forehead!

isn’t that just CLASSIC!!

if you’ve never seen this team before it’s pretty cool. in addition to all these feats of strength they share a message of hope and motivation. they share about their lives and what God has done for them. and it’s all entertaining to boot! you can check out pics, more videos, and their schedule from their website: www.strengthteam.com

// today i’m thankful for:
1. NOT having to do any of that!
2. 4 daughters that think i’m the greatest dad
3. getting my emergency substitute certificate
4. our lifegroup
5. late night snacks 🙂

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