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not too many people know this about me, but i seriously considered going into the Marines at one time in my life. and it wasn’t right after high school (because at the time i had a warped view that only those people not smart enough to go to college went into the military). no instead it was midway through college when i was sick of my education and wanted to do something else. i wanted to try something challenging. i wanted to go to the Marines because I knew it was the toughest branch. (you know, “the few, the proud, the marines”) and i wanted to do that basically just to prove to myself that i could.*

i was reminded of this fact a few weeks ago while i was watching the news and saw a report on the shortage of chaplains that our armed forces are facing. now it’s been about 10 years since i walked into the Marines recruiting office** so i’m not sure had i joined if i would still be in the service at all during this war in iraq. but i got to thinking about what it would be like to be a chaplain in the military. i got to thinking about the very real felt need by those in the military to be searching for meaning in life and beyond this life.

i also started to think about this because i was asked by someone at school to find or make a video for the upcoming veteran’s day assembly. i’ve looked at various veteran’s day tributes on youtube, but none of them really encapsulated the sentiment that i wanted to portray. so i may end up just making it myself. (i’ll be sure to post it when i’m done)

i also saw this video recently asking college age students if they would ever consider joining the military. i was somewhat surprised at how many of the respondents said that yes they would be willing. i say surprised because i thought the current war fronts in iraq and afghanistan and the current all time low approval rating for the current administration and how they are handling the military. take a look for yourself:

so what are your reflections on the military? would you serve your country in that capacity if called upon? have you personally been affected by the military (either serving currently or past or know someone who has)? and what does veteran’s day mean to you and your family?

// today i’m thankful for:
1. our military
2. changing seasons
3. doing family life on purpose
4. papas con chorizo (mm mmm)
5. knowing God is still in contol

* i was going through a phase in life where i was wanting to test the limits of my will power.
** yes, mom i actually went to a recruiting office and had an interview

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