ask abe tuesday

well from time to time i’d like to have an “ask abe” day. this will be a time for you to ask me any questions. and as long as the questions aren’t vulgar or illegal i’ll try to answer all of them.

these could be just random questions that you’d like to get my opinion on. or you could ask a follow up question to a recent (or not so recent post) that you wanted clarification on or just more info; like “whatever happened to/with . . .”. or it might just be a problem that you’re facing and you’d like some (dare i say) pastoral advice on. or maybe you don’t want “pastoral” advice, you just want to know “what would abe say about it?”

so feel free to ask any question you’d like either here in the comment section or email me.

i’ll either answer in the comments section or maybe make a whole new post out of your question. don’t worry i’ll do it all anonymously (unless you put it in the comments section, in which case i’ll use whatever name you put in the comment.)

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