t w i n s ! !

well life has just gotten a whole lot more interesting. we had an ultrasound last thursday and we found out we’re having TWINS!!

yes as you can see from the picture above we do have twins coming (that would be children #5 & #6 on their way to the lara household). from the measurements they took we were told that they have a due date of april 29th or may 2nd; if they go full term that is.

we had rachel’s “baby” dedication at church this morning and told the congregation the news at that time. it would have been great video record their reactions. it was just priceless.

so it is way too early to know if they are boys or girls or identical or fraternal. but deborah says she’s been praying for twin boys. and so she’s pretty much convinced that they will both be boys. “after all why would God answer the twins part if he wasn’t also going to answer the boys part of it?”

well keep you posted as we know more. oh and “no rhonda, i don’t think we’ll be calling them pablo and carlos.”

so we’ll be prepping. the first priority on the list for me anyways, is saving up to get a new vehicle. because all of a sudden our 7 passenger van won’t be able to fit us all. so come this spring we’ll be looking into getting something that seats 8 or 9 (nine would be best – not so we can have another kid but to have room for our au pair). and preferably NOT a 15 passenger van.

so i’ll be working extra and tutoring on the side. and we’ll be putting our debt snowball on hold until we can get the money saved up for a used chevy suburban or tahoe, or ford expedition, or something of the sort. i’m hoping to be able to save up $4,000 – $6,000 by then and then also sell our current van for another $2,500 for a total of $6,500 – $8,500 cash to spend on a new vehicle (because we don’t do debt!). but obviously the more we can save the better and the better vehicle we can get which in turn will hopefully last us longer.

so i make this appeal for donations specifically to all financial peace university graduates and/or dave ramsey listeners who have conquered their debt snowball and would like to help us out. or if you’re just a random person that’s feeling extra generous with your millions of dollars. or if you’re a minister and would like to have your congregation receive a special offering to help out another minister’s family in need. or if you’re anyone else that doesn’t fit into any of those categories but would like to donate anyways, we say “THANK YOU!” in advance.

feel free to click on the link in the upper right on this page or on the home page to donate. oh, and like i said before, thanks in advance!

// today i’m thankful for:
1. antibiotics for deb
2. brownies
3. paypal
4. friends
5. peace of mind

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