weird request

so i got an email via youtube (ever heard of it?) today that said this guy saw my videos of me talking about my surgery and not dribbling when i drank juice.

he then went on to say that he was a dental student on an assignment to view the mouths of various people and look at their teeth and then try to guess their age just based on their teeth.

so he wanted me to send him a video. so i did. see below.

and then he emailed me back asking me to send him another but this time a little closer on the lower molars. but this time he wanted me to email it directly and not post it via youtube. and then to also delete the first video from youtube.

so i complied and sent him this video:

well then he emailed back asking why the first video wasn’t deleted yet. and i responded that it’s because it wasn’t up to him whether i delete the video or not. after all it was MY video and MY TEETH!!

he replied back with something about not wanting the grade of the whole class to go down because of him not doing the assignment face to face. i guess he says that his instructor looks on youtube/google/myspace and elsewhere to make sure that his students aren’t “cheating”. (and or has his “teacher’s pet” assistants to do it for him.

i said that if he was so shy that he couldn’t do the assignment face to face that maybe he was entering the wrong profession and he wouldn’t have very great bedside manner.

he responded that he did try doing it face to face and got spit on, cursed at, and even chased 3 blocks. and that he did have great manners, but if i would PLEASE take the video down and not blog about it. he went on to say that his own dad hates dentists and doesn’t support him in his education and doesn’t give him a ride to school or support financially.

in the end he even said he’d “give [me] a shiny dollor” (his spelling error not mine) if i took the videos off and didn’t blog about it. well i replied that i would take the videos off youtube, but that this was just TOO out of the ordinary for my mundane saturday afternoon to not blog about it. i assured him that i wouldn’t use his name or anything else to identify him. (i guess unless you count the description of the assignment.)

i wish you the best anonymous dental student located somewhere in the world.

so how old do you think i am according to my teeth?? would you go through the trouble to help this guy? and then not blog about it?? did you find it hard not to view the videos and then catch yourself opening your mouth as if staring into a mirror??

// today i’m thankful for:
1. my mouth not bleeding
2. not having to pay anything for the surgery yesterday
3. baby dedication tomorrow (we figure since she’s a year old now)
4. my sister-in-law rhonda
5. perfume candles

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