gotta write something

it’s been interesting for me recently to have that feeling i had when i first got my blog. that feeling that i gotta write something . . . always. maybe it’s because it seems like an entirely new thing since i’m using a different format or maybe it’s something else.

anyways . . . i did have a few different topics i wanted to write about today but as they say, “i never got a round tuit.” (wait for it . . . wait for it . . . you’ll get it.)

just so i go on record and can then recall what those topics were later:
my preaching experience last sunday (déjà vu)
stories from school (with names like “loscar and lassandra”)
life with 5 girls

but now it’s late. and i’m not even writing this on the 17th (technically – since it’s after midnight.)

oh and by the way on a completely unrelated topic . . . it’s my birthday in 2 months!! (gifts welcome) 😉

so for now i’ll just write to say that i posted some new pics in the gallery. they are of anna’s 7th birthday last month. click on the link on the right (if you’re reading this on the main page) or by clicking the link here.


// today i’m thankful for:
1. getting my statcounter running
2. feeling 83% healthy
3. getting anna and danielle’s vocab sheets done!!
4. forcing myself to write a thankful list
5. wanting to “write” again

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