honey and vinegar

although i hated it growing up, the following drink was my mom’s staple for us whenever we had ANY kind of sickness.

Chimineesturia Recipe
1 glass of warm water (8-12 oz)
2 tsp of apple cider vinegar
2-3 tsp of honey

and so what do i do when i’m sick . . . i drink it. it’s been said by one of my sisters that we don’t usually want to drink it but if we’re on our death bed we know that chimineesturia will make us feel better. at this point i don’t know if it actually is a good home medicine recipe or simply a placebo. in any case my mom’s logic was 1) your body needs fluids when your sick, 2) the vinegar will kill any germs/virus in your throat/stomach, 3) the honey is simply there to help the vinegar go down. (and you use apple cider vinegar because out of all the different types of vinegar it tastes the best)

anyways i’ve been drinking it yesterday and today. and even though i don’t feel 100% better (i’ve still got a sore throat), i did go to work today.

so there you have it “chimineesturia” try it on your next sickness and then tell me if it works for you. or leave a comment on some of your own “home remedy recipes/treatments” when you were growing up.

(ps. i’m not even sure if that’s how you spell chimineesturia, because i’m not totally sure it’s even a real word in spanish – or otherwise. but that’s the name my mom gave to it. the best translation into english would be “concoction”.)

// today i’m thankful for:
1. feeling 70% healthy
2. mac os x leopard release soon
3. still having a clean living room
4. i don’t have a construction job
5. easy blogging via iweb

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