i’m miserable today. i woke up at 4.30am with a temp of 103.3°. so yes, i’m sick. i’ve had a fever off and on all day; i’ve got a headache. i’ve been FREEZING most of the day even though i’m bundled in a blanket. but then when i lay down to take a nap in my bed under the covers i get sooo roasting hot, sorta a catch-22.

i promised anna yesterday that i would take her out somewhere special just the two of us. (since i went to the store with just danielle yesterday.) so we’ve decided to go to the library when it opens in about 10 minutes. the only problem is i’m FREEZING!! i don’t even want to think about about going outside.

well that’s enough rambling from an overgrown sick baby. i’ve heard deb tell me a couple times that she’s not sure how to deal with me when i’m sick because she thinks that sometimes i’m being overdramatic. well if that’s the case – so be it. but i’m SICK!

// today i’m thankful for:
1. my caring wife
2. beef and vegetable soup
3. a job that allows sick days
4. a clean house! hallelujah!!
5. time with anna

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