new site and rss feed (updated 7.30.08)

UPDATE: since writing this post i have decided to stop using iWeb and am now using WordPress. the web address is still the same but the rss feed changed. i have updated the post with the new rss feed.

as mentioned in the previous post the new post is up and running. so if you’re reading this post you either have:

the old site boomarked:
you have the old RSS feed: feed://
bookmarked in your feed reader (safari, firefox, google reader, etc)

so it’s time to update your bookmarks.

the new site is at:
and the new feed for the blog is: feed://

there’s more to the site than just that. and there will be more as time goes on. be sure to click on the link on the right to view our pics and video web gallery.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. ibuprofen
2. rss
3. making elia’s day with a discount on this game
4. sunday naps
5. a clean living room!


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