headaches and cheesecake

in case you were wondering, the sermon is posted already you can listen to it here.

after church today i didn’t feel very well at all. i just felt exhausted and worn out. (probably partly due to the fact that i went to bed around 1.30 am last night) anyways after eating lunch i went to sleep for a couple hours. when i woke up i had a headache and wanted to continue sleeping. but i knew i had to get up and help deb clean the house because we host our lifegroup at our house sunday evenings. the house was a disaster.

well we got the house cleaned and had a good time with our group. we’ve been going though a study called “take it to the limit” by northpoint. this week and last week’s studies have focused on having “margin” in our finances. this has been really applicable for those in our group and i’m interested in seeing how God’s Word changes their perspective and lives in the weeks and months ahead.

but . . . i still had a headache through most of the meeting despite taking an ibuprofen just before we started. oh, well. we did get to eat some really good cheesecake that josh brought. it was fantastic. thanks josh.

well that’s about it for tonight. i’m feeling pretty ok right now even though my head is still numb from a headache. i think i feel ok because of the ibuprofen.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. ibuprofen
2. cheesecake
3. alarm clocks
4. my sisters
5. tío mōn (listen to the sermon, you’ll understand)

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