saturday nights

it’s saturday night and i’m listening to mark driscoll of mars hill church – seattle (i’ve been on a mark driscoll kick lately – he’s a lot different from andy stanley who i also enjoy listening to). i’m preaching tomorrow morning and i’m thinking of all the other pastors across america (if not the world) who are also putting the finishing touches on their sermons.

it’s kinda reminds me of college again. that feeling like you have a big term paper due the next morning. only for pastors that feeling comes every week and your words aren’t just for a grade but impact people’s spiritual walk and faith

and to be totally honest sometimes it’s easy and some times it’s really hard. because sometimes you feel good about your message, and you’re just double checking it one last time so that you tell that joke just right, or close well. and then there are other times that you’ve either been really busy or just lazy and it’s the night before and you haven’t even started. it’s in times like those that you’re just desperate for anything to fill up half an hour of people’s time. (by the way i’ve felt both extremes)

and then there’s times like this saturday. i’ve known for about 10 days that i would be speaking at church today. so i’ve been thinking about it and mulling over the topic. i had a lot of ideas, but nothing that i felt really resonated as what God wanted me to say, or what the congregation needed to hear.

but today is saturday, and “sunday’s on the way” (to borrow the words of an old Carman song). and pastors can’t really fake calling in sick. so what do you do then? well you do a lot of praying (no mom, it’s not that i’ve waited till saturday night to pray about my sermon). but you take time to just seek God’s voice once more. and you just remind yourself of the fact that ultimately you’re a nothing – God is everything. and you submit to the fact that God will say to those that come what He wants them to hear, whether or not those are the words that come out of your mouth.

seriously, i’ve been i churches where the pastor was giving a message on tithing and finances, and at the end people came to the front and got saved! God was speaking to their hearts even when the words spoken weren’t. go figure? God is God!

if you’re interested you can find out what i actually end up saying tomorrow by listening to our church’s sermons here or here. (i should have the sermon posted by sunday afternoon or sunday night) . . . (well tuesday at the latest) 😉

// today i’m thankful for:
1. sunday’s coming
2. a wonderful church
3. a beautiful wife
4. danielle’s eyes
5. mark driscoll

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