joy in giving

in case anyone cares . . . (once you click on the “read more” link) the picture above is a link to a pdf file that you can download of my sermon notes for the sermon tomorrow. (well actually this morning)

this and my bible is all i take with me to the pulpit when i preach. and actually this page is actually a little more filled in than what i usually have it. i created this page after reading andy stanley’s book “communicating for a change”. it’s a great book and i recommend it to anyone who does public speaking whether you’re a preacher, motivational speaker, or simply in college and have to make a presentation.

some of the main points of the book include:
having only one point
internalization of your message (i.e. pretty much memorize it)
it’s okay not to say everything in your notes (in fact probably better)

// today i’m thankful for:
1. alarm clocks
2. youth conference
3. Pastor Joddi-Jay’s birthday!
4. God’s grace
5. soft pillows 🙂

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