rachel walks (updated)

update: changed the movie to a youtube copy instead of an imbedded one to save space on my domain file.

rachel has officially started walking. she teased us a couple of weeks ago with 1 or 2 steps. but wednesday night while in childcare at church she just decided to “get up and go”. the movie above is at grandma’s house last night.

(you have to click “read more” to view the movie in this space)

if you’d like to view it bigger (and or download it you can go to the web gallery. enjoy!

// today i’m thankful for:
1. (abe’s thankful for) halloween candy sales!
2. (anna’s thankful for) having a house
3. (danielle’s thankful for) that we will get some bunk beds sometime
4. (julia’s thankful for) running around and eating a burrito
5. (deb’s thankful for) four little girls that live with me

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