lifegroup, grouplife, and grouplink

if the title of this post confuses you hopefully i can sort it all out for you.

first of all grouplife is the overall name of our small groups ministry at grandview assembly of God. since last january my position at the church has shifted from youth pastor to associate pastor. as associate pastor my job description includes 1) media ministry and 2) small groups ministry.

lifegroup is the name of the individual small groups that will meet weekly in various homes and days. (okay so right now we actually have 2. one that will be meeting on sunday nights and the other on thursday nights.

and grouplink is the name of the event by which people who are interested in joining a lifegroup can get more information and then actually sign up for one.

anyways all that to say that today was our first grouplink. and we had 23 people there for most of it and then 1 more showed up towards the end of it. out of those 18 actually signed up for a lifegroup. so i’d say that was pretty good. there are actually a few more that told me they had to think about it a little bit more and would get back to me. and then there was a couple who told me in advance that they’d like to join but weren’t going to be able to make it to the grouplink today.

so i’m glad this first phase is over and now am looking forward to the next few weeks and then months ahead to see what becomes of this whole grouplife stuff. i’ve spent the last 9 months preparing, studying, praying, and thinking about the launch of these groups and now that day is here.

the first group meets on thursday and the other one will start next sunday.

“God, i pray for your blessing on each persons life as they take another step towards you by joining a lifegroup for authentic community and spiritual growth. thank you for all you’ve already done in people’s lives and for the life change you will bring in the weeks and months to come. in Jesus name i pray, amen.”

// today i’m thankful for:
1. grouplink
2. lifegroup
3. dried cranberries
4. our au pair
5. air conditioning


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