old and new news

well time for my monthly post.  🙂

let’s see . . . since the last post my sister has gotten married.

we went to idaho. to visit our friends.

and school has begun for me. and i was greeted by deborah with this selection of pictures today.

oh and in case any of you can’t read what it says . . . she was basically telling me that she’s pregnant!

oh and school for the girls begins tomorrow. i don’t have any pictures of this yet. but probably tomorrow. for those who don’t know our kids will be doing school through achieveonline.org this year. so technically it’s an online “public” school, but we’ll get all their assignments online and we’ll be the ones who make sure they have their assignments done. so we tell everyone we’ll be homeschooling. but technically it’s not. (oh and we got a used eMac for the kids to use)

oh and we hired an au pair! although she’s not really foreign and she only stays the night with us 3 nights a week. her name is vernice and she’s a young person that goes to our church. we had her babysit for us this past summer overnight when we were on our staff trip. she did such a great job with the kids, and cleaned the house, and our kids loved her too. so we decided to ask if she’d be willing to stay with us 3 nights a week. we can’t afford to pay her that much considering all the help she is to us. but she was eager to do it and we love it. she started with us sept. 1st and is here sat, tues, and thur. nights. today deb and i went on a date to see “the bourne ultimatum” because we had ‘built in babysitter!

anyways it’s late now and i’ve got work tomorrow.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. new beginnings
2. an internet connection at home again
3. life groups launching at our church next week
4. grape nuts flakes
5. buffalo wings (deb’s been craving them for like 3 weeks)


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  1. as of right now we’re not sure. she just took the pregnancy test yesterday afternoon and we haven’t gone in to get an “official” test or due date yet.

    we’ll keep you all updated.

  2. Congratulations you two!

    I just found out from Aunt Jane yesterday that our cousin Molly is also (FINALLY!) pregnant due in April, I believe.

    Yay! We love babies!!

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