the iWait on iDay

well i did it! i got my iPhone. and it’s now eagerly awaiting a new home on ebay. good ole free enterprise in the US of A! (go ahead hit the “buy it now” button. i know you want to.) 🙂

oh and you thought it was for me?? well as sweet as it would be for me to get myself i can’t justify paying an early cancellation fee with my current provider (sprint). and then there’s the fact that currently it’s the church that pays for my cell phone.

anyways i figure that when my contract does expire (oct, 2008) there will be new models and probably cheaper.

but for now i hope this one finds a great home. i’ve read news that nearly all of the at&t stores have sold out. and apple stores are starting to run out of stock. so hopefully that will bode well for ebay prices.

here’s some pics of the iWait on iDay:

and this is of the actual iPhone:

oh and in other news i’ve got a crack in the screen of my macbook (i won’t tell you the story, i’ll let the person who did it decide whether they want that broadcast to all the world). boo hoo 🙁 it’s a $400 fix since accidental damage isn’t covered by the warranty. oh well, i guess i can start my MacBook Pro fund. 🙂

// today i’m thankful for:
1. ebay
2. mexico
3. a fun friday
4. payday
5. relevant magazine podcast


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