22 days 21 hours and 21 minutes

well it’s getting down to the last few days/weeks till our team heads to mexico. (for those who haven’t heard a team from our church is connecting with a team from stone church to spend ten days with missionaries steve and amy shoop.)

it’s finally sinking in that it’s actually coming since we went up to yakima to have dinner with the team from stone church. basically to meet each other, talk about the trip, share a dinner, and pray for our trip. so now it seems really close.
plus the fact that this morning our team completed our “endurance climb” that i have every missions team do before we go on a trip. this is a chance for us to bond together, do something we thought we couldn’t, but work together to accomplish something difficult. we have one team member that is severely overweight and on occasion has seizures so i’ve only asked her to make it about 1/3 of the way up the hill but everyone else made it all the way to the top. (some wanted to give up on the way, but i made them press through.)

so we’re on our way. and then i had danielle and her cousin cathy (the kids pictured above) give my sister (who’s in town visiting from minneapolis) go and give her the “picco chueqo”* (sp?? pronounced [pee-ko chweh-ko]- basically sad eyes, long face, and pouty bottom lip) in an effort to ask for support for the mexico misison trip. and IT WORKED!! she gave each of them $50 towards their trip. so then my other sister maggie (in the orange shirt) and i also gave elia the picco chueqo and she’s such a softie that she gave us $50 each for our trip too!!

anyways, keep us in prayer and as out of the seven only 2 are completely paid off. and the rest of us have some balance left on our account.
and in case you’d like to donate to our trip you can contact me for more details using my email address: abelara [at] gmail.com (i purposely wrote it like that so as to not get a bunch of spam by online scam artist) or you can mail a check directly to the church. (you can find the mailing address at the bottom of the church website) with a memo in the check that it’s for danielle and i’s trip.
// today i’m thankful for:
1. budgets
2. summer vacation
3. deborah
4. having a guest room
5. my engaged sister!


if this helps any here’s my “picco chueqo”:
* in spanish it literally means: “crooked beak”

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  1. Abe,
    I’ll donate some money, but it has to be next month (meaning after June 30 when we get paid). All I ask is that you send me a reminder or something so I will send it to you when I send off our bills around the first of July. Hopefully, that should still be in time for your trip. Maggie didn’t hit me up this year, so I don’t know if she’s part of the 2 already paid up or not. I’ll match Elia and give you $50 each and I hope that will help. How much do you still need, if that’s okay to ask? Have a great trip!

  2. BTW, is that Lincoln grade that you climbed? Anna and her soccer team climbed it in the spring. Apparently, it’s an annual thing for the 7th and 8th grade soccer team. She enjoyed it.

  3. hey that’s GREAT!! and no, maggie and cathy are not the two already paid off.

    danielle and i still need around $350 together to be paid off. maggie and cathy still need funds as well, but i’ll let her tell you. (if she decides to, or if you ask her) (i will say it’s still a sizable amount)

    and no, it wasn’t Lincoln grade. Lincoln grade is a road. a dirt road albiet, but that would have been WAY too easy. nope we went straight up the hill behind my parent’s/maggie’s house. i’ll take a picture of it next time i’m there. or maybe maggie will take a picture of it.

    if you look at the hill where the radio towers are. then just to the right there looks like a trail straight up and down. that’s the one we went on.

    fun stuff 🙂

    oh and thanks for the support, i’ll be sure to send you the reminder.

  4. Hey Abe,
    Anna’s home from church camp and I doublechecked with her about her soccer climb. She says it was “Texaco”. Is that the same thing? Just curious.

  5. actually i don’t think it has a name. and i think the “texaco” one is over by the middle school kinda and the road leading to patterson?

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