hello friends

well it’s been a long time since i’ve written anything, and many things have happened. the lara house has been busy!

deb finished up her performance as a nun in the ‘sound of music’.

our cousin camp was a big success. the kids had a blast, and although very exhausting, we’ll probably do it all over again next year. (that is unless maggie wants to host it at her house next year??)

deb and i went to “seattle” (actually we went to renton/tukwila; but anybody familiar with the area would rather say they went to seattle) to meet with loran lichty, the grouplife pastor at New Life Church @ Renton. we had a great time and we stopped by the apple store and got my macbook fixed. (it had a small crack in it; purely cosmetic, but i’m glad i got it fixed nonetheless)

we then rushed home for our first “small group” meeting at our house 2 weeks ago thursday evening. (4/5/07)

and then had our friends, the Sperry’s visiting us from boise, idaho so that they could host the passover service. which went great.

we had a “kirby” guy come over last week and we successfully said “no” to spending $2,280 on a vacuum! (it wasn’t hard) but we did get our dining room carpet cleaned out of the ordeal. 🙂

my new office at the church is coming a long nicely. it used to be just an empty room with a bunch of junk in it, but a crew from the church decided that pastor jon and i needed an office at the church. so after completing his a few months ago, they started to work on mine, and it’s turning out great!

other than that there isn’t too much else going on. oh, the WASL has begun at school this week.

there’s actually one other tidbit of “big news” information concerning church that i’m not at liberty to share at this time. but when i am i’ll let ya know . . . that is unless my sister or someone else that goes to our church that has a blog spills the beans before i do. and since i’m not reading any other blogs until june 12th, i won’t even know.

well that’s about it for now. i’ll try not to have such a long gap between updates next time.


// today i’m thankful for:
1. fresh paint smell
2. spring flowers
3. 37 days of school left!
4. being able to read
5. making it to the bank on time


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  1. glad you updated. liked the pictures. well i haven’t spilled the “beans” online – assuming we’re talking about the same “beans”!

  2. speaking of vaccuums, some friends of ours have a Dyson & we have some regular ol’ vaccuum that we picked up from WalMart a few years back. They brought the Dyson over & we did the vaccuum test – they ran the Dyson, then we ran ours in the exact same spot. We still picked up dirt & whatnot after the Dyson. I suspect the Kirby is the same way. Goes to show that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a vaccuum when the WalMart vaccuum will work just as well.

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