shameless plug and a promise (updated)

[UPDATE: added a sentence of clarification at the end of my ‘shameless plug’ and i put my “promise” in bold since it wasn’t clear to deb what my promise was.

as if it wasn’t super obvious . . . yes, i’ve become a ‘affiliate’ member. which basically mean’s i’ll be posting links to items i’ve been reading, listening to, or viewing, and/or using lately that is sold on if you’ve never heard of the site, it’s basically the “Christian” equivalent to they truly do have lots of great stuff at great prices. in fact i recently orderd the ‘creating community’ book listed as well as other materials. and it was even cheaper than ordering it directly from the North Point Store, even though i had a 10% off promotion code for the northpoint store. (northpoint ministries is the creator of the material!)

and now if you click on the links or start a search from my site instead of their site directly then i get an “affiliate” commission. so order away, or even better get your church to order it’s materials via my link! (oh and in case you’re wondering, it doesn’t add to the price of your order in order for me to receive my commission, they just give it to me if the order is initiated by the links at the right. okay, enough of the shameless promotion and advertising!

and now the promise.

i’ve been thinking a lot recently and have lots more to write about but it’s already very late and deb’s already called me from home (after her play performance) so i should get going, but i’ll definately write more tomorrow.

oh and then deb’s final performance is on saturday (i’m taking the girls that day)!!! yipeee!!!! i get my wife back!! the kids get their mom back in the evenings!!! it’s a win-win for everyone!

oh and, you guys write a lot! i mean i know i used to check a lot of blogs, but since i’m not reading any of them anymore i just see the “unread” posts tally just keep going up. i hope you’re not writing to me specifically or hoping i’ll leave a comment on some post. because i’m not reading them. you’ll have to just directly email me “abelara {at} gmail {dot} com” or actually talk to me! 🙂

i guess i’ve got a lot of reading to do come june. 🙂

// today i’m thankful for:
1. spring break
2. palm sunday
3. easter sunday
4. cousin camp
5. my sexy wife (the nun)!


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  1. that’s my blog.

    at the time that i saved the bookmark i think that’s what the title was. i change it every so often, but the bookmark stays the same.

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