how to run a meeting by ‘uncle mark’

taken from “uncle mark’s 2007 buying guide and almanac”

“Summary: Start with time, agenda, and intros, and end on time.

Description: I’m often surprised at the inefficiency of meetings, since it’s so easy to run a good meeting with the tiniest investment of discipline. Here’s how:

1. Start the meeting on time.

2. Start with TAI: time, agenda, and intros. At the start, establish how long the meeting will last (time); list the items to be discussed (agenda); and, if appropriate, have everyone go around the room and state their name and role (intros).

3. During the meeting, if the group strays from the agenda, write down the topic for a later discussion and return the group to the agenda. (If necessary, appoint a facilitator to watch time and agenda.)

4. End on time. Write down any unfinished business (on or off the agenda) for later discussion.

In my experience, Step 2 is the most commonly omitted. Make sure to start with TAI!”

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