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(UPDATE: added an brief explanation for my mom at the end of the ‘quoted’ story.)

i’ve found this phrase somewhat ironic. because i’ve “IM’ed” with people, and been in the presence of other people “IMing” someone when we used the phrase, but didn’t actually ‘Laugh-Out-Loud’.

so why do we use that phrase. it then got me to think how i use the phrase. i use it when i’m online not ever when in person or on the phone. (it would be obvious to the other person if i was actually laughing out loud then) when i’m reading something that i respond via an email, comment, or IM. and since i don’t usually laugh out loud when doing those things i write it when something is actually funny enough to elicit a ‘mild chuckle’ or maybe even just a ‘slight grin’.

so then i started thinking why do i RARELY ever actually laugh OUT LOUD when i’m online. well sometimes because i’m in a meeting and shouldn’t actually be doing/reading what i am (insert grin here). or sometimes because there isn’t THAT much truly funny stuff on the web. now before you send me links of you favorite funny jokes site, or youtube videos, or any other gimick to make me laugh; let me just say, i’ve seen it. or if i haven’t actually seen it, i’ve seen something like it. hmmmm, wasn’t there this wise guy one time that said something like, “there is nothing new under the sun”. [sarcasm intended]. and i’ve gotten so “used” to this stuff that it isn’t really funny anymore. it’s almost ‘predictable’ in fact. actually even the show 24 is becoming ‘predictable’ for deb and i. and this whole having-to-wait-through-commercials-and-a-whole-week-for-another-episode is just about enough for us to say forget the whole thing, we’ll wait till the whole season’s out on dvd. (ps. so keep it up mag).

anyways so it was truly refreshing for me to find this site “The“; which had this story:

Monday, December 29, 2003

I think that blaming one of your less desirable genetic traits on the parent that passed it down to you is pointless. Let’s use big ears as an example. If a guy has gigantic ears, he’ll most likely blame his big-eared father for passing down the gene. But everyone knows that you have no control over which genes you pass down and which ones you don’t. It’s not the father’s fault he has big ears. If anything, the dude should blame his mother for marrying the big-eared freak.

now that truly made me LOL. but they don’t have a comments section, deb wasn’t home to share it with yet, and i wasn’t chatting with anyone, so i just had to share here. (oh, and mom, i don’t actually think that of you or dad, or my ears for that matter. i just thought it was a funny story) đŸ˜›

// today i’m thankful for:
1. finding new gems on the net
2. deb’s play practices are almost coming to an end
3. not running out of gas (in my car, not referring to ‘me’)
4. spring is coming!!
5. podcasts (below is a pic of the podcasts i currently subscribe to)


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  1. fyi
    your little story caused a small grin to appear on my face and your 3rd thankful item elicited a slight chuckle. nothing really to lol about. i love you ;o)

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