whoa, what the heck??

ok, so i know i havn’t written in a while. and haven’t even attempted to in a long while so i’m not really sure how long my account has been like this. but i finally logged in today (3/1/07) to write something and i’m greeted with this:

after clicking on the link it took me to a page with this greeting:

although this was the ‘second’ time i clicked on the link so the first time it actually had a quick form for me to fill out have the-powers-that-be at Blogger review my site and show that i’m not a spammer.

anyways i have no idea how my site got tagged as a ‘spam-blog’ or if someone submitted as such via the “flag blog” button at the top; either purposefully or accidently.

well, since i’m not sure how long it will take to get this ‘reviewed & resolved’; adieu and email or chat with me. (i know it’s kinda odd to say those things since the only way you’ll be able to read this is because the problem will have been resolved. but i just thought i’d let you know i was ‘thinking’ about writing. 🙂

// today i’m thankful for:
1. the end of “The Ark”
2. 3 days off school next week
3. not having to deal with this.
4. chocolate cake with cold milk
5. married sex getting better and BETTER as the years go by! 🙂 (when you get your own blog you can be thankful for whatever you want)

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