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For all of you who (1) are reading this, and (2) missed going to Neighborhood Wednesday night, here is a recap:

[I have been hesitating from posting, to showcase the Fine Arts post, but it is getting on quite enough!]

We opened with some funny stories, mainly from Neighborhood kids about things in their life they had gone through lately. We then had a good time worshipping, and than Jeremy Johnson preached to us.

He opened by showing us his [ghetto] ipod [ghetto because it does not pause, and is a cheaper version], and had us sing Backstreet Boy’s song “aign’t nothin but a heart ache, aign’t nothing but a mistake….I WANT IT THAT WAY.” [if you know the song… i don’t know the title]

Yes, there were several of us that knew that cheezy song and sang along, as asked.

There were those of us, however, that had never heard that song (which I think is so cool. I mean, what did we get from Backstreet boys to encourage faithfullness and discourage idolatry? no offense intended for anyone who loves them)

Anyway, he proceeded by sharing that, just as you can unplug the headphones out of an ipod, which you are *hearing,* you can also unplug from what you are *hearing* from God.
He reminded up that Jesus knows who we are destined to become before we actually develop to maturity. Jeremy used Peter as an example. He pointed out that Peter was formally ‘Simon’ [which means wavy… as in inconsistant], and on the first time Jesus came in contact with him he renamed him Cephas [which means ‘rock’…as in solid in faith and foundational for the church, and is translated to mean ‘Peter’]. So, this reinforces that Jesus knew who Peter was going to become before he even (1) left fishing, (2) was a disciple, (3) denied Christ 3 times, (4) walked away from the faith after Jesus died, but not being ‘a fisher of men,’ but instead returning to fishing fish, and later (5) became the rock of the church to spearhead its establishment.

Through this, he also showed us how Peter ‘unplugged’ from Jesus by (just in example) denying Christ three times, as well as leaving his faith (and taking other disciples along with him) to return home to return fishing.

Jeremy Johnson pointed out that we need to not ‘unplug’ from what God is telling us. We need to stay faithful to what he tells us, so that we may become who God intends us to be in the future. Our destiny is dependent on God and his plans, so we need to focus on listening from God, and staying obedient and faithful to what he has told us. This is the only way to develop and become into our destinies.

Jeremy Johnson was a very funny preacher; he used great storytelling and funny jokes (he relayed that Jesus can tell fish where to go, and joked that fish would be told the would either be going to fish heaven or fish hell according to their obedience or disobedience). He also used repetition effectively.

We have an oppurtunity for more guest speakers in the future. I will keep you posted. I pray blessings on you and yours, and pray your walk with Jesus is exciting and intimate!


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  1. thanks for the update holly, i was wondering how it went.

    oh and i think maybe jeremy should change his ‘sing-a-long’ song. the reason a lot of the youth didn’t know it isn’t necessarily because they don’t listen to secular music, but because that song is 8 years old! that means the 18 yr old senior would have been 10 when the song was popular, and the 11 yr old 6th grader would have been only 3. it’s no wonder they don’t know the song.

    that song was popular when jeremy and i were in college.

    i was going to add another comment about secular music in general, but i’ll add that to the ‘leader’s blog’ to get everyone’s input.

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