a recent iChat i had

AIM IM with Maggie Najera .
3:41 PM

Abraham Lara
: so windows Vista is officially on sale for consumers this coming Tuesday. it’s kinda funny to read the reactions of the press . . .

Abraham Lara
: Windows Vista shines with improved search, security, reliability and visuals

Maggie Najera
: what vista

Abraham Lara
: London Free Press – Business – A padded room with a view

Abraham Lara:
it’s the name of the next version of windows

Maggie Najera
: oh i see

Abraham Lara
: windows 95, 98, ME, xp, Vista

Abraham Lara
: they seem really excited to upgrade (sarcasm)

Maggie Najera
: yeah they’re almost as good as a mac. except still crash, etc

Abraham Lara:

Just a friendly warning from a thankful Mac user since Feb. 13, 2006. now if you were considering getting the new Vista, consider the full cost of the OS, the cost of hardware to upgrade (or possibly a whole new computer), anti-virus protection, lost time fighting spyware, adware, malware, and the “blue screen of death”. set yourself free, maybe this is the perfect time to ‘get a mac.’ afterall if you actually try it for a month and don’t like it, then you can still resell it on craigslist or ebay, or anywhere else for almost as much as you paid for it. (you can just count the minimal cost that it depriciated the price of ‘renting’ a machine for a month) if this guy thought he should switch, maybe you should. i’d love to answer any questions you have. 🙂


// today i’m thankful for:
1. being a Mac owner
2. having an iMac
3. and MacBook
4. a couple iPod flavors (30gb white, 2gb white Nano, and 512mb Shuffle)
5. having friends who are also Mac owners

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